Change NOW and ask me HOW

Change NOW and ask me HOW
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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Nowadays, nature disaster make more people take care about happened to our earth. This because some of its are made by our mistake like nuclear test and bomb by manmade for militaries user can being one of courses to disturbed the stabilize of earth. Same is to earthquakes that have connection with earth land or deep of earth. Plate tectonics studies these restless effects to give us a better understanding of the Earth and its past. New molten rocks are poured out in the form of magma from the mid-ocean ridges. The rock is recycled and re-entered back into the earth in deep ocean trenches through convection current. The convection current in the mantle drives plates around either against or away from each other. These collisions give rise to earthquakes, volcanoes, mountains, and continental drift. The crashing and spreading of the plates forms the landscape of the Earth as we see it today. The position of the land masses today is a result of continental drift. During the Earth's existence, the magnetic fields have never been stable. Solidified magma containing magnetic imprints reveal periods of time when the Earth's magnetic fields have actually been reversed. Approximately 4.55 billion years ago, the Earth was just a ball of molten material. Since then, parts of the Earth have cooled forming the solid crust-mantle. This process has been occurring for roughly about 3.8 billion years. The mantle is about 2900 km. thick, which lies above a layer of molten magma that still exists today.
All of this gave some explanation for earth. Earthquake has connections with tsunami, flood and landslide that effect after earthquake active. Earthquake can take more damages after volcano take part to complete the circle of nature disaster. The effects are more dangerous compare to war if it circle be complete. Some of earthquake will make hole or crack in our earth surface to make flood if at same time have the hurricane or hard rain. Examples like article one and three, it makes damage to human properties and take many life. Like Kashmir, that country is one of the quake zone same with Japan. This zone very sensitive and make their government take more safety to be safe zone and agency also take part in this problem like World Bank spent less 10% to aid the preparation.
The nature disaster of earthquake can take the label “Mother of Disaster” because it will cause more effects compare to another nature disaster. Earthquake or earthshock can be from two causes, firstly from explosive of volcanic eruption and second from tectonic activity between margin plate and faults. Usually it causes from tectonic activity that scientist can’t target the time like volcano. If volcano active, it will notice like smoke came out from the hole and this not happen to earthquake. Different country like rich or poor country will affect this because the poor countries not have technology to protect their building and properties.


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